The Gower

A collection of random shots from the Gower last week, some during the heat wave, some not, but the Gower never disappoints.

Cefn Bryn to visit the horses, is always a delight, especially with so many foals about.

A visit to the Knave, a first me, more an initial investigation, with a beautiful view from the Knave to the Worm, with intriguing rock formations. A return trip under better lighting conditions is a must.

Rhosilli and the Worm, always a worthwhile trip and didn’t disappoint.


gower random 1-2.JPGgower random 1.JPGgower random 2-1.JPGgower random 2.JPGgower random 3.JPGgower random 4.JPGgower random 5.JPGgower random 6.JPGgower random 7.JPGgower random 8.JPG

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