Pembrokeshire Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend down in Pembrokeshire at the beginning of May. It was a weekend organised by  TipTop Photography.  A big thank you to Debbie and Steve for organizing. Working with 3 great models, Lotti, Holly and Ro, made for an excellent weekend.

Holly A - 127.JPGHolly A - 126.JPGHolly A - 125.JPGHolly A - 124.JPGHolly A - 123.JPGHolly A - 122.JPGHolly A - 121.JPGHolly A - 120.JPGHolly A - 119.JPGHolly A - 113.JPGHolly A - 111.JPGHolly A - 110.JPG20160515-_MG_2118.JPG20160514-_MG_1624.JPG20160514-_MG_1610.JPG20160514-_MG_1605.JPG20160513-_MG_0804.JPG20160513-_MG_0747.JPG20160513-_MG_0743.JPG20160513-_MG_0738.JPG

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