Iceland – April 2016

I was lucky enough to travel to the wonderful island of Iceland. It was my first trip to the island and it’s absolutely stunning. The scenery is gorgeous and the locals are great.

The Aurora Borealis showed itself on 3 occasions on the trip, with it being the strongest on the first night. This is definitely something of my bucket list and a sight worth seeing.

From waterfalls to glaciers and baron plains to mountainous  cliffs it has it all for the landscape photographer. The trip was finished off with a dip in the Blue Lagoon. This can only be described as a unique and very enjoyable experience.

Aurora 3-c39.JPGVestrahorn 2-c67.JPGSvinafellsjokull Glacier 2-c15.JPGSvinafellsjokull Glacier 3-c61.JPGSvinafellsjokull Glacier 4-c58.JPGSvinafellsjokull Glacier-c9.JPGEarth Shadow Gundarfjordur-c14.JPGHighland House-c57.JPGHvalfjorour-c52.JPGSeljalandsfoss Waterfall 2-c19.JPGSeljalandsfoss Waterfall-c29.JPGskogafoss-c45.JPGsvartifoss-c15.JPGStrokkur geysir-c65.JPGStrokkur geysir 2-c27.JPGSunset Jokulsalon Ice Lagoon 2-c20.JPGSunset Jokulsalon Ice Lagoon 3-c65.JPGSunset Jokulsalon Ice Lagoon-c55.JPGUlfljotsvatn Church-c53.JPGAorura 4-c93.JPGAurora-c99.JPGAorura 2-c46.JPGVestrahorn-c18.JPG

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